Here are the girls we are working and bringing on for next year

OFTW Tygore Kick of Jarailstar

Carla is a class bitch that is fantastic in cover, she has a great nature and knows when its time to switch off. Now part of a picking up team doing 2 to 3 days a week and loving life. She is out of OFTW Tygore Asp and by FTW Larford Cannon.

Carla was the first of our dogs to qualify for the springer spaniel championships.

FTW Rydanlue Omega of Jarailstar

Bella is a lovely bitch that will work well in any cover, she is out of FTW Rydanlue Kaliedoscope and by FTCH Helmsway Henry.

Bella is clear for DNA PRA cord 1

Sage's Last Wish of Jarailstar

This is Reeva, she is out of OFTAW Tullyah Evy and by GB IR FTCH Miller Mcduff (Irish championship winner 2017). She's very retrieve driven making life easy for training at the moment, but im sure her pace will need to be handled with care as she loves a good run out. Only a young girl at the moment so no rush for her but we do have high hopes for running in a trial or two in the future.

Jarailstar Guinevere

Gemma is a very strong and well put together bitch that is an absolute machine when hunting. She has fantastic game sense and a wonderful nature making her a brilliant dog to have in a picking up team. She has a hip score of 4/4 and an elbow score of 0 with a clear current BVA unaffected eye certificate. She is also hereditary clear for PRCD PRA and CNM.

FTW Trochry Magic of Jarailstar

Pip is a very quick bitch that has a fantastic retrieve drive, now part of the picking up team. Pip is out of OFTW Jess the Dark Beauty and by FTCH Moelfamau Griffon (championship winner 2013). Pip is health tested clear for AMS, FN also a current BVA unaffected eye certificate.